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A marketing group usually serves businesses in the same industry by providing them with marketing materials and tools.  Such materials could be website designs, electronic catalogs, sweepstakes, flyers, signage, shelf talkers, and even radio and television ads they can adapt to their own business.  Many marketing groups adopt trademarks that they license to their members to give them the appearance of being a part of a large chain of stores.  Ace Hardware is a well-known example of a marketing group.   A marketing group is focused on increasing sales to customers.   In contrast, a buying group is focused on reducing the cost products purchased.


In many instances, the line between a marketing group and a franchise can become very thin and blurry.  In general, marketing groups exercise less control over their members than a franchisor would.  For instance. the use of any one or more marketing programs or tools is optional in a marketing group, whereas they would likely be mandatory in a franchise relationship.


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