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Buying Group Services, started in 1995, is a Buying Group Management firm specializing in the formation and management of buying groups.

For over five years I have known Harry Ray. His insightful and original thinking has provided keen observations to critical issues our company has faced over these many years. He manages that delicate balance of providing guidance under the law and guidance of good business. He has a unique ability to explain the law to even those of us who are legally challenged.

In addition to his knowledge of the law, it is his ever-growing experience in the buying group industry that we benefit from the most. His controlled emotional mannerisms make him a great partner at the negotiating table; you don’t want to play poker with this man.

My personal contact with Harry has been enriching and I am continually impressed by the astuteness of his observations. Harry has much to offer in a wide spectrum of practical businesses; his knowledge of the law is just a bonus.


William R. Mathisen 

Executive Vice President