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Intellectual Property refers to rights to various types of creations such as works of art, inventions processes, brand names or designs. Under the law, they can be protected by copyrights, copyright licenses, patents, patent licenses, trademarks, trademark licenses, or maintained as trade secrets.

Ray Law Firm assists its clients in protecting all forms of intellectual property, other than patent registration. Many companies fail to realize just how important their intellectual assets are. They are the very essence and embodiment of the goodwill of their company. Repeat customers know that when they buy a product bearing the trademark of the company, that it will meet certain standards that they have come to expect in that product.

One form of intellectual property lawyers that sometimes is overlooked are the trade secrets of the business. Unlike patents, trade secrets have no expiration date. So long as the company successfully protects and maintains it trade secrets, they can endure for as long as they are of any use or benefit. The classic example of a trade secret is a secret recipe.

Building brand awareness requires a multifaceted approach. You may have designed a distinctive image or phrase that captures your organization’s identity, but your customer outreach efforts should not end at this point. Use copyrights, service marks, and trademarks to diversify your brand strategy and further set your company apart from others.