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Subject: Legal Services Of Harry Ray

It is my pleasure to provide the following letter of reference regarding the work you and your firm have done for HMI Buying Group and Red Tray.

In the way of background, I started HMI in 1983 as a buying group for private practice optometrists. Virtually all of the legal work we received prior to our relationship with you was high quality, but of a generic nature. The thing we really like about working with you is your background with the special legal needs of buying groups and purchasing alliances.

As I look back on the work you’ve done for us over the last three years, it also includes preparing applications for members, contracts for vendors, antitrust advice, trademark law and our special situation with credit card processing.

You have been excellent about responding to us promptly when needed as well as a pleasure to work with on a personal basis. We like your down-to-earth approach and have been very pleased with the advice and counsel your firm has provided. In my opinion, your services have been both timely and cost-efficient.

In closing, I would highly recommend your services to any buying group needing legal advice, whether they are well-established or just getting started.

Feel free to use me and Shirleen Prescott as personal references.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Hayes, OD

Owner and President