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Hello, my name is Mark Chavez. I am the President and CEO of the Key Wholesaler Group Association. We are a HVAC/R buying group that was started back in 1978 with 5 member companies and has successfully grown to our current 22 independent HVAC/R distributors, with 351 locations in 46 states within the United States. We are also in 85 of the top 100 United States trading markets.

When the Key Wholesaler Group was growing in size, they wanted to look for legal representation that had experience in antitrust laws as they pertain to buying groups and the wholesale industry. I had talked to approximately 4 different law firms, and not finding a “right match” for our group, I remembered a Mr. Harry Ray who was quoted in an article in the Supply House Times in 2002 who specialized in antitrust and buying groups. I gave him a call and within a few minutes of our phone conversation it was obvious he was the “right match” for the Key Wholesaler Group Association. He had extensive knowledge on antitrust issues as it pertains to buying groups and independent wholesalers as well. He was also nice, easy to talk to and not pushy or hard selling on himself or his firm.

Harry Ray helped the Key Wholesaler Group Association design a strict Antitrust compliance program that is still actively used today. From the beginning to today, Harry Ray has helped the Key Wholesaler Group handle membership agreements, vendor agreements, updated bylaws, drafted our Anti-Trust Guide, review meeting minutes along with many other minor things. He is easy to work with, experienced, dependable and have enjoyed working with Harry over the years. Not only is Harry our legal counsel but he has also become a close friend to each shareholder and principal within the Key Wholesaler group, myself included.


Mark Chavez, President and CEO  

Key Wholesaler Group Association