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I am the president of Specialized Distributors, Inc. My partner and I formed SDI to serve as a buying and marketing group for automotive engine parts distributors. We are based in Pinellas Park, Florida, which is near St. Petersburg. Since 1989, our group has grown to include 71 members.

When we first got started, buying groups were a relatively new concept in our industry. The attorney I used in St. Petersburg for other business matters did not feel comfortable in representing our group. He was not aware of anyone in St. Petersburg who had experience in representing buying and marketing groups.

We found out about Harry Ray through our contacts with Auto Value Associates, Inc. He came highly recommended to us and justifiably so. Harry brought exactly the type of expertise and knowledge we were looking for in a lawyer. His representation of other buying groups gave him a good familiarity with the problems and issues we were facing.

He was able to offer suggestions that he had found worked well with other groups, not just with respect to legal issues, but with regard to practical business points as well.

Harry is easy to work with and is very down to earth. That may be what makes him such a good negotiator. We have put his negotiations skills to the test on more than one occasion and have been very pleased with his performance.

Harry has represented SDI from its inception and has given us guidance and insight into legal matters ever since. I highly recommend him to any purchasing or marketing group in any industry, whether they are already established, or just in the beginning stages of formation.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss Harry’s services further with any interested party at any time.


James K. Allen