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Streamlined help desk experience coming July 1 for petitions customers

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In an effort to provide better customer service, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a new Petitions web page and will be moving to the Trademark Assistance Center (TAC) as the single point-of-contact for petitions inquiries.

Beginning July 1, 2022, the USPTO will route the Petitions Office phone line to the TAC for initial handling. As needed, the TAC will escalate and route inquiries to an attorney-advisor. Customers with questions about cases pending before a specific paralegal or attorney may continue to contact them directly at the number provided on the inquiry letter or decision.

Our goal in streamlining call centers is to ensure customers receive consistent information from the USPTO. This change will also allow the USPTO to better understand the most common issues facing our customers so that we can provide guidance, address emerging issues quickly, and update our webpages with the latest information.

For customers who prefer to obtain information from the USPTO website, we have updated the Petitions webpage to include comprehensive information about the filing requirements for each type of petition.

For TAC contact information and hours of operation, please see the Trademark Assistance Center webpage on the USPTO website.