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Harry Ray has served our company as corporate attorney for a number of years. His service has been excellent and timely. He has become a friend who always has our best interest in mind.

The Parable Group is a privately held company that services 338 independent retail stores throughout North America, who have a combined annual volume of over $410,000,000. Our focus is on marketing services, such as catalogs and other printed pieces, radio/TV spot production and spot buys, and data collection and manipulation.

We began the company 10 years ago with only a very limited number of stores. As we grew, we recognized our need for written agreements and a more structured working relationship with our stores, and sought legal counsel. As we searched the West Coast we were unable to find anyone who understood our business.

Then I had the privilege of reading an article on buying groups written by Harry Ray. I immediately called him, and after a short conversation, we engaged his services. Patiently he helped us work through the process of membership agreements, contracts with vendors and numerous other projects. His work has always been exemplary.

We would highly recommend Harry to you for any marketing or buying group-related services.


Steve Potratz


The Parable Group, Inc.