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It is a pleasure for me to recommend the legal services of Harry B. Ray and his firm with regard to buying and marketing groups. We have worked with Harry since December of 2008.

The School Place, LLC is a marketing group designed to assist retailers in the marketing of K-8 instructional materials, educational toys and games, arts and crafts and teaching supplies. Not knowing any attorney who specialized in buying/marketing group work, we found Harry through an internet search.

We involved Harry from the beginning. He worked with us in preparing all of the documents we needed to get the group up and running. He and his firm have also been helpful in getting our trademarks registered.

I found Harry and his firm to be very detailed, knowledgeable, thoughtful, proactive and easy to work with. A typical corporate attorney would not be able to provide the level of service that they provided due to Harry’s specialization and focus in buying and marketing group work.

If you would like to discuss our experience in using Harry and his firm further, please feel free to contact me.


Jack Summersell


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